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St Petersburg and Bikes [Mar. 8th, 2011|02:29 pm]
[Current Location |St Petersburg, FL]
[mood |accomplished]

I only have a moment but I wanted to get my livejournal working again. So this is a hello to everyone out there. I'm living in FL now - mostly hanging out in the city of St Petersburg. Today I'm driving there with a bike to get it worked on, and then i'm leaving it at my friend's house. I'm meeting up with an old pal who just moved to st pete as well, so that's exciting.

Gas prices are high - I really wanna live downtown and ride my bike. I think I need to always have/keep a car however.

Things i gotta do lately:

Make business cards
Book more work
Finish my web sites

Well I am outta here. I'll post links to new pics here as time goes.

Matthew K Mayes
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rock star girlie photos tour [Nov. 2nd, 2008|03:47 pm]

Hey Live Journal - I'm goin on tour to take rock star girlie pics for the next couple of weeks to a month - so follow my progress!
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a new alycia [Oct. 28th, 2008|09:22 am]

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dots. if you care [Oct. 15th, 2008|08:46 am]
[Tags|, ]

so tonight i think sort of finally realized something. there's a world inside these pictures. its like alice in wonderland. its like looking in a mirror, and stepping into it. life in frames... in one frame. life made up of key frames. the frames that matter, the ones that stand out in our head. the vecotors of land marks and the points in a coloring book... connect the dot, connect the images, the important ones are the dots. the dots. its all about the dots. is your image a dot? or is it just an imaginary line in the head of the world? shoot dots.

so it all comes down to an image being important. thats all. so what makes it important? we dotn always know, we just know its important. we make it important, somehow, we refine and design and bind the scene... together, and apart. until whats left is right and whats left out is wrong. it all adds and subtracts to equal imporance.

we want to make something important and be part of something important and we want to be important.

An image isn't real but its proof that somethings real, something in our dreams, its a breath we feel, this image, its the wind and its the evidence of spirit and thought

thats why talent is so important, and passion in an image. action, flow, expression, drama, substance, true content, substance. importance. something to look at, and to be seen.

i could elaborate but my words would be too obvious and the foolish arent meant for my words. the wise listen and understand
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pic [Oct. 15th, 2008|07:43 am]
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latest - julie anne

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new pic - photoshop and dancing girls [Oct. 14th, 2008|10:07 pm]
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[mood |artistic]

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nerd money [Sep. 22nd, 2008|02:40 am]
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so i feel like everyone else these days. finally. im terrified of my life. welcome me to the family. thanks.

- - - - - - - -

so i was thinking a minute ago about money and how to not use it. the key is to create a new system of value. this is, initially, a purely fictional venture.

but picture a town, with a dirt floor, and horses. guy wants to buy a horse. he has no money but has some stuff, in his shed that he's not currently using and would be willing to trade to the guy that has a horse. so he offers the guy an old lawn mower for the horse, the guy says nope. then he says ok i'll throw in a garden hose. "nope" ok ill throw in a chicken. "nope" ok ill throw in an old lamp "nope" ok ill also let you have my belt buckle "nope - i dont need any of those things" - ok ill throw in a plow.

so the guy finally says "well i dont really need any of those things, but together, they have more market value than this old horse. i sure wish i had room for all of them, and even if i did, neither of us has a carriage to move your stuff.

DANG! that SUCKS! - 'cause i'd sure love to give you those things for that horse. i really need a horse so i can take this girl i like to the beach and ride with her in the splashing salty waters.

then into town rides a man in a suit and nerdy glasses and hair parted in the middle all greasy and curly. he gets off the horse and says "I see we have a little problem here that i might be able to assist in the solving of"

he takes out a piece of paper and a pen... and an ink well...

he says that he has space for all that shit the wierdo wants to trade for the horse, and that he would be willing to give the horse owner something of value that he could use or store more easily.

they both look stupidly at the nerdy guy.

he tells them he has a barn where he can store the junky crap the junky guy wants to trade for the horse, and he pulls out a suitcase full of various valuables. there's a watch, some chunks of gold stamped with weight and purity amount, and a set of fine barbers knives, some reading glasses, a ruby, some cocain, and some copper wire.

the dude with the junk says - so i dont really want any of that, i want the horse, so why should i trade with you?

"duh" the nerd says... "if you trade with me for the right things in thisbriefcase, that horse guy might be more able and willing to do the deal with you, then you can take your lady for a ride in the salty surf."

"well i dont know what the horse guy wants!"

so the nerd turns and holds the case up to the horse guy and the horse guy says, "well i do like some of these things. i would be willing to give my horse to you, nerd guy if you want it for the cocain, and the gold."

nerd guy says "i already have a horse and i sure as hell dont wanna feed and house yours and let it grows older while im trying to sell it. I'll lose more value than i gain, but you go ahead and take the cocain and some of the gold and i'll take this guys stuff and put it in my barn because i can trade his stuff one item at a time and actually get even more valuable things than he gives me because thats what i do. then i liquidate and trade everything i have for smaller more secure valuables and head to another town. i suppose i could stay in one place, but i tend to go where im needed most."

horse guy - "ok lets do it"

wierd junk guy - "ok lets do it"

nerd guy - "ok ill get my carrige and load all the junk into my barn and then ill give wierd guy the coke and gold and he will then come to you and trade it for your horse. its a good thing i have this space to store his stuff"

so they all do as the nerd guy said, and they all get what they want, while their overall value goes down and the nerd guys value goes up.

- - -

so what in the hell am i writing this for? eh... good question, i dont really know. I'm insane remember?

- - -

maybe its because i want to make my own world and get free from the system im so enslaved by. maybe i want a better life. i wish i lived on an indian reservation. how do indians pay for internet? do they use beads? i dont get it. if they use US currency, whats the point of being on a reservation. if they wanna get internet how do they pay for it without using US currency? what am i getting into here? something i'm sure. how about this. the indian on the reservation wants internet, but the internet company is not in the business of trading, so isn't interested in giving internet to the indian for his beads or turquois jewlery. so maybe the internet company should create a branch in its services that trades for goods and keeps them in a storehouse and trades them out as needed in order to manage the value of the company. or maybe the indian can give his beads, and corn to his cowboy friends over the river and they can point their wifi router over the the reservation so they can get internet that way. YAY everyones happy.

- - -

that is one wierd thing for me to write.

- - -

but i like where this is going. maybe i can create a new theoretical system of trade.

- - -

i'm very interested in this. im also very sick in the head lately. i dont feel well at all these days.

- - -

i'm gonna stop here
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tara ryze [Sep. 9th, 2008|01:53 am]
[mood |artistic]

Hey people so this is tara ryze... and she lives with me. i like this last set of pics its not bad. her make up and outfit are hot. i like the post work i did too.

used a larger soft box on the left and smaller hotter on on the right.

go to www.mojokiss.com for more stuff.

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i opened a portal [Aug. 7th, 2008|06:51 pm]
[Tags|, ]

I dont get to write much these days. The cosmos is keeping me amply distracted from doing my own thing lately while it teaches me things that it knows i will pass on to others. such is life.

when i was a young child, i was open to the world of imagination.

i believe thats very normal

some children, somehow, actually step into the mirror and awaken channels to other dimensions.

at childhood, we know what we are doing.

we sometimes open doors to the paranormal, which will not ever be shut for the remainder of our lives.

i opened several portals as a child. I am not sure what triggered the rest of the portals to open, but they opened.

incedentally, you know, ufo's are not able to be seen by everyone - the real ufo's are the ones most of us cannot see. thats my strong observation.

its my feeling that the life "out there" operates on such a fast vibration, it is in another realm tho occupies the same relative space and time


i've opened up portals to the after life, to heavenly beings, what you might call ufo's and aliens and to archetypes and gods of all sorts. I've opened up portals to what we call demons as well. these for all i know, each live and dwell in unique layer of our onion called experience. some layers are not far off from our own and can run against our solid experience and some layers require us to travel into states of mind which remotely resemble what one might call normal.

kids say the darnedest things. they say those destined for greatness know their destiny from a young age. this is not to en grandeur my name, but by great, i mean to be shown great things, and to have a great calling.

As a child, I was compelled to ask and speak outloud, as i always spoke to the paranormal world, that i would be used for a high calling. noone in my family told me to do this and i did it in secret. At the age of about 8 I had an innocent openness and understanding of spirit energy, healing, prophecy, afterlife, angels, demons, aliens, and other things such as musical instruments, sexuality and the wilderness. So, from a young age, i had an open and very annoyingly curious mind, im sure. Since that request, the cosmos has not failed to live up to what i have requested of it. It has guided me on many journeys, accompanied by subtle and profound experience. I've been influenced by and have influenced a large number of special people, hand chosen for my path.

And the path still is lit for me as i travel onward. As a child, there praying to the gods, and the higher beings, i asked that i be used no matter what the cost to myself.

Well, i learned very quickly to ask for mercy and gentle grace from god on my journey, because the heat can get pretty hot. You have not because you ask not. this is the nature of the cosmos. there is no manifestation without a request. remember, god does not hear our words, but our prayers lift up as incense smoke to god, our very essence communes with the mind and power of god.

i was taught later in life the importance of acceptance. you cannot summon gods powers if you are rejecting your own present gift of life. you can't reject what the cosmos has given you just because you dont understand it, and expect the cosmos to give you something new, that you will also, not understand. "be fathful with a little and i will make you faithful with much" simply means that when you are ready, and your heart is right, you will get what you are able to handle. accept what you have, be thankful for it, and you will see the heavens open up to you.

our eyes and minds can't always see ahead of ourselves. we can project images of fears and desires, but not so easily are we able to project faith. it is something different. much different. faith is dead without action. even the act of projection with faith brings faith alive. faith is the single most pure and powerful tool we possess. it is a tool, because it obeys our will. but only the pure intention can awaken it. you must have a pure notion, without fear. without faith, the cosmos will not be moved in your favor. there is plenty of junk out in the cosmos ready to be transmutated into manifestations of some kind, and without faith, you will suck that junk right into your life like a sickness and potentially spread it to those around you. but with faith, we have a different view of our future. we see whatever we want to see, and we accept it as reality. our breath and emotions say that our focus is accurate, and also reinforce its manifestation.

anyways i am a little off topic.

as i grew i dont believe the portals ever closed. but the portals to nothing to care for your emotions, and had to learn my way around a harsh reality. i did always attract beautiful talented friends, both the most popular kids as well as the least popular geeks. i learned from both and gained from both, but i always chose the geeks to hang out with because i felt more free to be myself around them, and that brought me a great sense of well being. but i had to learn the pains that any kid has to learn. we moved almost every year it seemed. and i changed schools and friends quite a bit. i was also in church once or twice a week it seemed. eventually that became a bit stale and troubled, tho it lasted into my late 20's before i finally backed away from church. visions, dreams, knowledge, and unique people continued to bless and guide me and teach me. I had my share of depression, confusion, awkwardness, and fears.

as i grew older, of course my language, perception and communication level increased, but not on all levels. I studied a variety of disciplines and topics. i began to write my thoughts, my terrible confused thoughts. i was blinded and distracted by love and romance and sexuality, but my mind was also hungry for learning and exploring everything i could get my hands on. but my social skills came along more slowly. eventually i learned how to behave amongst great leaders as well as common small groups of various types.

I went through a cleansing and i am glad that phase is over. i vomited out many emotional troubles and this was painful and long. but i lved to see the end of it, and now my emotions are transformed into higher more elevated vibrations and i only hope that they continue upwards.

now when i experience ignorance, fear and immaturity, it doesnt stab me in the heart as much as it once did, and i am also able to face it usually face on. there are some people that i can't face sometimes, but this is usually not personal towards them, its just that i have times when my spirit is in need of inner counsel and i can't function outwardly until ive gone deep inside myself and made myself alone until i can commune with my higher self and process one by one, mostly on a deep subtle level, the notions that are recorded in my head, waiting to be sorted out. i believe that those notions sit there and wait for an eternity until you go in and open them up and process them. if you dont, they cause sickness and distress. not many people are willing to go uncover events that have happened to them in the past if they are traumatic.

well my spirit to write has left me for now.

talk later.
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basic healing [Aug. 1st, 2008|12:59 am]
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hey - normally i make my blogs all fancy and embellished but im not gonna do that here this time - i just wanna give, for those of you who like the things i have to say, a quick little blurb about health and wellness.

there are many areas of health and wellness. But his one starts at the beginning, or the bottom.

youve heard a number of ideas, so on and so forth and i have nothing new to say - just advice on personal experience - and a voice that say "this must be true"

Ok first off - BAKING SODA. lets get right down to it

you might as well throw out the following products because baking soda replaces them

Insect Bites

hey - save yourself a lot of trouble. use baking soda - it works MUCH better than those other things and its natural. The Egyptians used to use it a lot.

How does it work? Im not sure - except i know its an Alkaline Salt.

There have been doctors that say if you apply it to some cancers, it kills and removes the cancer within days.

another thing you need to know about baking soda is that it was not invented by arm and hammer. ;) its from the ground.

and you need to know it corrects and raises the pH of our bodies. This is important these days when acid levels are going up. the pH of our bodies should be around 7.4 or 7.5 the best way to achieve this is through diet - eat sprouted grains and raw fruits and mildly cooked veggies and raw greens.

well anyways while we are on the subject of "iums" like sodium, let me tell you some more

sodium is important in the body for controlling water levels. there are also some other iums that we need. one is potassium and then there is magnesium, and i believe selenium and cesium as well as calcium.

they say sodium is bad for you because of its risk to the heart and for some it is. when your kidneys stop expelling sodium, it will become toxit to your body by raising your blood pressure and putting stress on your heart because it puts too much water in the blood stream, or too much blood. But we need sodium and i would like to say - it doesnt hurt to use natural salts. there are many! i believe lithium is another one, which i haven't studied YET. also chromium is an element important to the body and mind... but im getting off topic now.

Take care of the body and it will take care of you and give you the window to use your mind for higher things such as happiness and capability - but you cant use your mind for those subtle beautiful things until you apply basic services to your needy body. it has needs and standards. and it had physical principals. your mind is able to apply energy and intent to less basic physical things as well. I would just focus on the body first and just have faith that you are going to change your body and then your lifestyle.

anyways that is all really have time for now - and you should absorb all that.



p.s. i have made fire out of water... nothing special about that... but i know it can be done because ive done it - and everything i tell you i try to base off of personal experience.
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